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May 5, 2021
American Prostate Society Web Site
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“Your newsletter is the most readable medical document I receive…my thanks go to all who contribute to your quarterly report.” A.S. Columbia, MD

“I keep all issues of UPDATE…I have excellent books by (names withheld) but your four pages are so powerful I underlined 24 parts. With appreciation.” M.J.R. Kings Park, NY

“Thanks for giving us good, practical information…you help us make good decisions about our health.” C.W. Bethlehem, PA

“Thanks for the good work! You helped save my life!” J.R. Princeton, MA

“With the valuable info you have for men, you should make it a paid subscription.” B.W. North Jackson, OH

“Your information is invaluable for becoming aware of what PC can and will do. Thanks for all the good information…” D.S. Philadelphia, PA

“From getting up 3 or 3 times a night I now usually do go only once. The doctor had doubts but now he is a believer. Thanks to Avodart. (85 years old) C.W. Las Vegas, NA

“Thank you for your quarterly UPDATE…keepup the good work. God bless you!” M.V..
Fresh Meadows, NY

“You are definitely saving lives by making people like me more aware. Keep up the good work.” M.O. Altura, MN

“It is gratifying to find a medically related publication that is objective and without commercial bias; your separating factual studies and information from hearsay makes the data not only valuable but refreshing.” A.F. (M.D.) Silverton, OR

“I was very pleased with your newsletter-UPDATE the section on research of two drugs (Proscar, Hytrin)-my next visit to my doctor I am going to highlight this finding.” C.M. Zionville, OH

“I am 33 years old with a non-cancerous condition…very painful. Your Fall newsletter was very informative and hopeful. You are doing wonderful work. Thank you again. I now feel hopeful again.” J.S.S. Los Angeles CA

“I was thrilled to learn so much about the condition I have, BPH…since my last visit to my doctor I have only felt the urge to get up during the night three time….”D.A.T., Hickory, NC
“The newsletter was very informative. Thank you and as in the newsletter I would suggest anyone to go for a 2nd opinion before jumping into surgery.” R.F. Okla. City, OK

“I am very grateful for the information your organization provides…”B.H. Austin, TX

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