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Financial Support

How to Support the Society's 4 Goals Financially

Very Special Gifts

Tell him you care
A gift to bolster the morale of the man fighting prostate cancer, or other prostate disease. We personally, and gratefully, acknowledge your (tax-deductible) contribution. A special way to recognize a birthday, anniversary, similar occasions.

In Memoriam Gifts

Special help for those he left behind
We send our personal acknowledgement(s) to the person or persons you designate, omitting the amount of your contribution unless you direct otherwise. (Tax-deductible.)

Special Contributions in Appreciation

♥ Your financial support is essential, but we're human and sincerely appreciate your special gifts. As you know, our sole support is from members, we get no money from government, medical groups, or drug companies. (Tax deductible)

Matching Gifts

♥ Please consider supporting the Society through United Way, or a gift matched by your employer.

How are the donations used?
Ninety-five (95) percent of every dollar is devoted to research and publication of the newsletters. Only five (5) percent is devoted to adminstrative costs.

How to Contribute

Contribute by mail:
American Prostate Society
Box 870, Hanover, Maryland 21076

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