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Does Your Good Health Call For Good Sex (ED)

The path of sexual health trod by most men is universal. In a male's teens a photo, a scene of love-making in a movie, even an errant thought can bring instant, total erection.

In the dating ages, "necking" or fondling can bring a teen-age boy to an unexpected and messy orgasm.
In adult life of men before reaching the years that bring something now called "andropause" (a more-or-less equivalent to female menopause) intercourse or its equivalent often occurs every other day -- or night.
Then comes -- zap!
Sex draws a blank especially for men with urinary distress due to prostate growth. It's usually worse for men with prostate cancer. Sexual activity and resulting physical satisfaction does not exist for somewhere between one-third and half of men fighting prostate malignancy.
Men without prostate cancer -- estimated at some 30 million -- also miss the benefits of good sex thanks to ED.
There is no need for this!
To state the situation plainly and simply: erectile dysfunction (or ED) is correctible for virtually all men, even those at advanced ages. Only those men in the worst physical (and mental) conditions are beyond recovery.
Is the effort to change erectile dysfunction into erectile "wow" worth it? No question about this, says Urologist J. Stephen Jones.

"Sex is good for health. Men who are
sexually active and pleased with their
sex lives are healthier, happier, and live
longer. Going prolonged periods without
ejaculation…may lead to congestion (and)
create the irritation synonymous with
prostatitis, although this remains unproven."

To move from a professional observation to a more scientific basis, the healthful results of sexual intercourse are very real. Sexually-active men live longer. Some examples illustrate how this happens:
Intercourse makes the heart beat faster, blood flow stronger and muscles contract…pent-up tensions and stress melt away.
Following sexual satisfaction, natural tranquilizers called endorphins improve sleep.
And parts of the brain which create anxiety shut down.
For our complete analysis and the correction of E.D., including reviews of Viagra, Levitra and Cialas, and the extravagant claims of some dietary supplements, we suggest that you send for these references(newsletters):

  1. Does Good Health Require Good Sex?
  2. Your Partner, You, and Healthy Sex.
  3. Our complete review of prostate health entitled

Your Prostate, The Troublemaker
You can get these by calling the American Prostate Society at 877-859-3735. Or request them by e-mail: [email protected]

As always, there is no charge for the newsletters except for a postage cost.

Good Sex & ED
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