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Cancer Of The Prostate (CAP)

Within the next 12 months
► Men in America will undergo more than 800,000 biopsies for CaP. 75% of these will be negative. But
► CaP will be found in another 230,000 men, adding them to the million-plus men already fighting to stay alive with their prostate cancers.
► About 75,000 of the newly cancerous men will submit to surgery.
► Another 75,000 will opt for radiation.
► And 75,000 will do nothing.
► Roughly 30,000 of the men who agreed to surgery will learn their operations have cured nothing.
► Radiation will fail as a cure for about half.
► Failed surgery/radiation leads to hormone with bicalutamide therapy to cope with pain amid vain hopes of delaying the inevitable.
► The inevitable makes a mockery of this effort and expense as CaP maims then kills another 30,000 men over the next 12 months.

Cancer risk factors and causes (all cancers)
    Smoking: This factor has been discussed to the point of nausea, and therefore no further discussion will be added.
    Heredity: Your risks increase if cancer has been found in two close relatives before their age 55, or in your immediate family. You can do nothing about inherited risks other than minimize them as suggested in the discussion of prevention.
    Aging: Your risks of CaP increase on an ascending scale with every year you add to your age. For example, CaP is almost non-existent in men younger than 40, and still very limited in men younger than 50. But one man in six becomes cancerous after crossing the threshold of age 60. The good news is that we have learned how to reduce aging risks sometimes dramatically, as discussed under prevention.
   Substances that increase cancer risks.
   (1) carcinogens, such as red meat broiled well-done or charred to turn its fat into a carcinogen.
   (2) Saturated fats found in butter, milk, cream, ice cream. All trans-fats (partially-hydrogenated oils) should be avoided as if they are cancer-poison. Trans-fats are now being listed in the ingredient panels of products containing them.

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Prostate Cancer
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